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 January 2018 Photo: Mike Lawton


RPTA 50th Anniversary Party

2016 Al Brasher Tournament



RPTA Snow Removal

Snow Removal: RPTA has retained Brian Bruni for snow removal. Brian also is in charge of snow removal for Rowayton Elementary School, which receives highest priority. Brian’s crew will remove the snow off the courts after Rowayton Elementary School is cleared. After Brian removes the initial snowfall, members are responsible for any follow-up snow removal. The snow removal guidelines are:

  1. Plastic shovels will be provided at the platform courts. Use of metal shovels and plastic shovels with metal leading edges is prohibited as they will damage the courts surface. Remove all snow by lifting the snow boards and pushing the snow off the court.
  2. Do not use any type of ice melt.
  3. Once the snow has been removed, turn on the heaters to melt any residual snow and dry the courts. Do not turn on the heaters before all the snow has been shoveled, as this will leave the court in an icy state and delay play.

The heaters will typically take 30-45 minutes to dry the court once the snow has been shoveled, depending on weather conditions. If the heaters are turn on before shoveling it could take hours before the courts are ready for play and waste a significant amount of propane.


















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