Guidelines for Use of Courts and Equipment

RPTA Warming Hut

Member Responsibilities

After your league paddle match please clean up! The last division to play is not responsible for the messes of the first division to play.

After your paddle party, please clean up!

Monitor your children! Do not leave children alone! This facility is not childproof!

Please keep pets and wild animals out.

Flick stove switch to “off” if you’re the last to leave. Toggle switch is at the top left as you face the stove, pilot light stays on.

Lock up if you are the last person to leave.


“Clean Up” Defined

1. Place all paper waste in garbage.

2. Place all used containers in recycle bin.

3. Sweep if needed.

4. Replace garbage bag with garbage bags provided on shelves.

5. Wipe up your spills with lysol wipes provided on shelves.

6. Make sure the court area is free of trash.

RPTA Sign Up Rules

1. Only paid members may sign for courts


2. 48 Hour Rule… you may sign up for a court only at or within the 48 hour mark before the time you wish to play.


3. League play on Saturday and Sunday mornings, Thursday mornings and some Thursday evenings are given priority. League captains are asked to mark these times well ahead of the 48 hour rule so members can plan their play. Junior and Adult clinics recognized by the RPTA Board also receive priority sign up privileges.

Other Notes

1. Please be considerate of our neighbors and maintain proper behavior.


2. Please refrain from wanton body slams into the screens. This could cause indentations in the walls.


3. Never use salt to melt ice and snow on the courts. It acts as an electrolyte on the aluminum and corrodes rapidly.


4. Please don’t use rakes or snow shovels with metal edges on the courts as they will damage the court surfaces.


5. No Pickleball on the courts.