RPTA By-Laws

Revised March 2013          Download By-Laws (PDF)

Article I

The name of this Association shall be the Rowayton Platform Tennis Association, also known as the RPTA.

Article II

The purpose of the Association shall be to provide and maintain facilities for platform tennis, and to foster and encourage interest in platform tennis in the Rowayton community.

Article III

1. Membership in the Association shall be open to all residents, residential property owners, and renters of residential property in the 6th Taxing District.


2. People who have been members of the RPTA in good standing for a minimum of 3 years shall be allowed to maintain membership if they move from the 6th taxing district. Out of town membership must be continuous in order to qualify. Members residing outside of the district will have all rights of membership, however, they may be assessed additional dues at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


3. Members may be asked to provide proof of ownership or residency.


4. Membership approval will be made after a 6th Taxing District review.

Article IV

1. Dues and guest fees will be established by the Board of Directors on an annual basis. Rowayton residents, renters or residential property owners of the 6th Taxing District cannot play as guests.


2. Dues must be received by the Treasurer by November 1st. Any member not paying dues by this date may have all rights and privileges of membership suspended by the Board of directors until payment of the appropriate dues. In such cases, the Board of Directors shall have the right to assess a late penalty fee.


3. Dues for all Interclub teams shall be paid for by each individual team member. Team captains will be responsible for all league dues. In order to play on an Interclub team membership dues to the RPTA must be paid.

Article V

1. The officers of the Association shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.


2. The officers of the Association shall perform the duties normally associated with these offices.


3. The officers shall be elected for one year terms by the Board of Directors.

Article VI

1. The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of eight members of the Association who are to be elected for 2 year terms at the Annual Meeting of the Association. Four directors shall be elected in each year. Members of the Board of Directions can serve for a maximum of 2 consecutive terms.


2. The Board of Directors shall have the responsibility to conduct the affairs of the Association.


3. The Board of Directors shall consist of a minimum of 6 current 6th Taxing District residents.


4. All vacancies on the Board of Directors that occur between elections shall be filled by a vote of the Board of Directors.


5. The President shall vote at a board meeting only in the event of a tie vote.


6. The President shall call and preside at meetings of the Board of Directors. A minimum of 4 meetings must be held each year.


7. The Board of Directors must have a quorum of 5 members to conduct business.


8. The Board of Directors shall be authorized to expend funds as directed by the annual budget. In addition, the Board of Directors shall be authorized to spend up to $1,000 of association funds per occurrence fo unbudgeted purposes.

Article VII

A. Annual Meeting
1. An Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held each year in March on a date set by the Board of Directors with a minimum 10 days notice to members. Notice shall be by a public posting of the meeting at the location of the courts and by email notification to all members. At such meeting any business that may be brought before the meeting may be transacted.


2. The following order of business shall be followed at the Annual Meeting:
Reading of the minutes of the last Annual Meeting
Reports of officers
Reports of committees
Report of Financial Reviewer
Election of Board of Directors members
Election of Financial Reviewer
Approval of Annual Budget
Old business
New business
Miscellaneous business


3. The President or a designated officer of the RPTA shall preside at the Annual Meeting and shall present a report of the state of the Association.


4. The Treasurer shall present a written financial report of the current and past year’s activities at the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall also present a budget proposal for the upcoming year for approval by a simple majority of the members present. Amendments may be offered from the floor.


5. The Board of Directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee will present a slate of nominees for election to the Board. The Committee will consist of the President of the Board of Directors or his/her designee who shall act as chairperson and 2 members of the Association who are not Board members. The nominating committee shall present the new slate to the Board prior to the annual meeting. Other nominations may be offered by the members at the Annual Meeting.


6. The Nominating Committee shall post the names along with a short personal statement at the time the Annual Meeting is noticed.


7. The newly elected Board of Directors shall meet immediately following the Annual Meeting for the purpose of organization and to elect the officers of the Association.


B. Special Meetings
1. Special meetings of the members of the Association my be called by the President or by any three members of the Board of Directors at any time.


2. Notice of such special meeting shall be given to the members at least 5 days prior to said meeting. Such notice shall state the time, place, and purpose of the meeting and the business transacted shall be confined to the purpose stated in the notice. Notice shall mean a public posting of the meeting at the location of the courts and email notification to all members of the Association.


3. Special voting may also take place via the RPTA web site.


C. General
1. There must be a quorum of at least 10 members of the Association to conduct business at general meetings.


2. Unless otherwise noted, all votes and actions will be by simple majority of the members present and voting.

Article VIII

1. The Board of Directors shall appoint such committees and chairpersons as it deems necessary to conduct the business of the Association.


2. The Chairperson or his/her appointee of said committees will be asked to attend meetings of the Board of Directors when matters relating to said committee are to be discussed.

Article IX

The Board of Directors shall establish the rules for use of the facilities. The rules shall be posted in the court area. Any member violating the rules shall be subject to suspension or forfeiture of their membership. The Board of Directors shall immediately notify in writing the member of their suspension.

Article X

One member of the Association who is not a member of the Board of Directors shall be chosen each year to review the Treasurer’s accounts. This member will be selected by the Board and voted upon at the Annual Meeting by the general membership. A written report will be submitted at the following Annual Meeting.

Article XI

These By-Laws may be amended, changed or repealed by a two-thirds vote of the general membership present at a duly called meeting or by voting on the RPTA web site. Notice of proposed By-Laws changes shall be given thirty days in advance of the meeting/vote.